1/2 kg rice flour    
I handful plain white flour    
150g. white  sugar   
6 cardamon pods 
yeast, water and coconut milk as    
for Mkate wa sinia    

Proceed in just the same way as for rice bread but the mixture must be much thicker - like a stiff custard. Leave until it just starts to rise up, then melt 2-3 tablespoons fat in a small karai and when it is very hot, pour in half a cup of the mixture. Now turn down the heat, and when the bread is cooked on one side, float over and cook again, testing with a skewer to see it is done. Drain on crushed paper. These can be served hot or cold, and can also be eaten successfully the next day Will reheat in the oven and sometimes are served for breakfast as wellas at other meals with meat, or with kebabs, not curry.