Swahilis who live a long the Kenyan Coast.
Prepare an incredible variety of of meals using
fish, tropical fruits,coconut milk and exotic
spices,many which reflect the influences of
travellers who have touched their shores.
Further north in Lamu,Visitors always 
Remember the tiny cups of coffee and delicate
sweet meat (Haluwa) clear indication of the
Arab influence on that  Island. 
At any fish market in the coastal city of
Mombasa, a multitude of brightly coloured
fish are laid out on a wet  slabs to be poked
and prodded by the fussy cooks who come
to buy for the neaxt meal.for genererations,
the coastal people have been using fish as 
an impotant part of their diet,Often preparing
using a combination of ingredients and techniques 
from the foreign traders and explorers who visited
their shores.
Visitors to Kenya will never forget the
lavish buffets prepared in the beach hotels,
each of which tries to outdo others in
displays of marinated fish,Samaki curries
and lavish shellfish arrangements.
Most of the recipes used by the chefs
in these grand hotels can be easily adapted
to fish found in other parts of the world.
The sun baked feeling of a coastal meal can be
re created anywhere by covering the tables with
pattened Leso(khanga)material of the kenyan striped
Kikois.Serve the food in hand carved wooden
Biriani kuku wakupaka      Fried Fish cassava Bokoboko
Mseto Mkate wa Sinia   kaimati Spinach  Plantains
Vitumbua Samaki wakupaka Fruit Salad  mahamri  Pilau
 Haluwa(sweet meat) Coconut rice  mishkaki.htm  BISKOTI YA NAZI  
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